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ECEP Advisory Committee


The Childcare Advisory Committee (CAC) has two major areas of responsibility: to provide strategic and tactical advice regarding the development of the Early Childhood Education Program, and to provide assistance in developing and strengthening the ECEP’s relationship with the University community. The CAC advises, promotes, and actively supports Berkeley in achieving its mission of developing a long-term, sustainable strategy for ECEP by:

  • Defining the academic philosophy of the program.
  • Integrating academic research as a feature of the program.
  • Developing a long-term, sustainable financial model for ECEP.
  • Defining child care program structure, capacity and number and type of children served.
  • Optimizing program facilities and delivery models.
  • Creating fundraising strategies.

Parents are invited to join the advisory committee. Please contact your center director if you are interested.

Committee Members

  • Professor Stephen Hinshaw, Co-chair, Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley and Vice Chair for Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at the UC San Francisco
  • Professor Angelica Stacy, Co-chair, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Equity, UC Berkeley
  • Mary-Ann Spencer Cogan, Chief of Staff, Residential & Student Service Programs, UC Berkeley
  • Darrell Whitacre, Executive Director, Early Childhood Education Program (ECEP)
  • Claire Bainer, Co-Director, Blue Skies for Children
  • Mark Friedman, Bay Area Funder
  • Ken Jaffe, President, International Child Resource Institute
  • Pamm Shaw, Executive Director, YMCA
  • Sean Smith, ECEP Parent
  • Zachary Weiner, ECEP Parent & UC Berkeley Student
  • Margaret Bridges, Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Human Development, UC Berkeley (also former ECEP parent)
  • Prudence Carter, Dean of Graduate School Education
  • Teresa McGuire, Director of Development and External Relations, UC Berkeley
  • Bryan Jones, Executive Assistant, Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor, Residential & Student Service Programs, UC Berkeley

Contact the Advisory Committee

Questions or comments for the Advisory Committee may be sent to

Committee Notes and Updates