ECEP Closed Until Futher Notice

Dear Families,

After careful consideration of both our ECEP families and our staff safety concerns during this challenging Coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to close ECEP starting Monday, March 16 until further notice. We have been carefully following health care experts’ advice to maintain safe learning environments and the closure of local school districts to support social distancing was the tipping point. A significant number of our staff now have childcare needs of their own and/or are high risk which impacts their ability to come to work and our ability to meet licensing ratios.

Our hope is that California”s shelter in place and the campus actions to minimize exposure and further spread of the Coronavirus will allow all of us to return to normalcy as soon as possible.


Below is a list of back-up childcare resources offered through UC Berkeley:

If you have questions on what is being offered, staff and non-ladder rank faculty should reach out to Be Well at Work Program Manager, Karen Patchell (510-642-8659; The student program is managed through the Grad Division Director, Student Life, Larissa Charnsangavej (510-642-4071; Faculty should reach out to the Office for Faculty, Equity & Welfare (510-642-1935;

Back-up Childcare Resources:

Additionally, Swiss Cheese Childcare offers back-up care. It looks like, thus far, they are still open but cannot offer any recommendation as were not familiar with their services. 

Learn how to contact us during this time

Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe.


Mary-Ann Spencer Cogan
Associate COO
Residential Student Service Programs
Division of Student Affairs, UC Berkeley




The Early Childhood Education Program (ECEP)

The Early Childhood Education Program (ECEP) provides early childhood services to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers at five centers in Berkeley and Albany. ECEP teaches UC Berkeley’s youngest students in a safe, nurturing, stimulating environment that sparks curiosity. We teach families and educators to see and unlock the potential of each child. Our staff of highly trained childhood educators give parents peace of mind – and support our student, staff, faculty, and community parents to balance family, school, and work.