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UC Berkeley’s youngest students are under 6 years of age! We aspire to become a global leader in early childhood education and research, and we support Berkeley in its quest to become the nation’s most family-responsive campus.


We believe that high-quality education and care of the very young is crucial for development of the whole child and the future adult. We further believe that supporting an Early Childhood Education program that is consistent with Berkeley’s commitment to access and excellence promotes a more respectful and inclusive campus community and global society.

  • We teach UC Berkeley’s youngest students in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment that sparks curiosity and inspires a life-long love for inquiry, research, reflection, and action. We also teach families, students, and educators to see and unlock the unique potential of each child.
  • We research early childhood development, offering multi-disciplinary opportunities for scholars and practitioners to better understand the social, psychological, and intellectual capabilities of the young child. We also research environmental conditions and educational processes that best encourage healthy development.
  • We serve UC Berkeley’s students, faculty, and staff so they can pursue excellence in their chosen fields, confident that their children are safe and receiving high-quality early education. We also serve as a model for nurturing children, their families, and a healthier society.


“Our child is clearly loved, nurtured, and heard by his teachers, in ways that go above and beyond what we expected. We also see the children are challenged to grow and experience different things, while also having ample opportunities to develop their own personal style and interests.”

– ECEP Parent