Early Childhood Education Program Resources


ECEP Overview

Program Overview (PDF)



Printable Calendar 2018-2019 (PDF)

Printable Calendar 2019-2020 (PDF)



Current - 2018-2019 Calendar

2019-2020 Calendar

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Instructions on how to add the calendar (PDF)


Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook (PDF)


New Vaccine Requirements

Parents' Guide to Immunizations (PDF)
Senate Bill 277 Frequently Asked Questions - Medical Exemptions (PDF)
UC Berkeley ECEP Guide to Immunizations (PDF)
Shots for School - Senate Bill 277 Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment Documents

Physician's Report (PDF)



Tax ID Information

Dependent Care Spending Account: 94-6002123


Advisory Committee Notes and Reports

Read about the Advisory Committee.

Committee Notes

Advisory Committee Meeting Notes - May 2018 - posted 1/11/19 (PDF)

Advisory Committee Meeting Notes - March 2018 - posted 7/27/18 (PDF)

Advisory Committee Meeting Notes - January 2018 - posted 6/7/2018 (PDF)

Advisory Committee Meeting Notes - September 2017 - posted 1/8/2018 (PDF)