Who is eligible for early childhood education services at ECEP?

Children of members of the UC Berkeley and the general community are eligible for ECEP.

If I am a community member, will my child be able to enroll at ECEP?

Yes. Community members are eligible for ECEP. UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff do receive priority. All parents who are interested in our program are encouraged to apply.

What is the age eligibility for ECEP?

Children must be a minimum of 3 months old, and not yet eligible for kindergarten in the August of the year they plan to enroll. 

Is there an application deadline?

No. There is not an application deadline. Applications are accepted year-round. However, early applications are advisable. The acceptance process begins in January for summer and fall spaces.

Will my child be able to join ECEP after the beginning of the fall semester?

Yes. If there is space available, your child will be able to join ECEP after the beginning of the fall semester. However, fewer spaces are available later in the year because most students do begin in the summer or fall. Available spaces are first filled from the Wait List and Eligibility List, then from new applications.

I see there are different applications. Which application should I use?

Faculty, staff, and community parents may use either a paper or online application.

UC Berkeley students should fill out a paper application.

There are two versions of the paper application:

  • If you are UC Berkeley student or staff and are applying for a subsidy, you should fill out the Subsidized Application.
  • If you are a UC Berkeley student parent, staff, faculty, or community member applying for full-fee placement, you should fill out the Full-Fee Application.

I am a UC Berkeley student parent. Which application should I use?

Students must submit a paper copy of the application.

Student parents applying for a subsidy should fill out the Subsidized Application.

Student parents applying for Full-Fee placement should fill out the Full-Fee Application.

Who is eligible for a subsidy?

UC Berkeley student parents and staff are eligible for a subsidy. Community members are not eligible for a subsidy. Parents must meet California Department of Education need eligibility requirements. See the Subsidized Application for details.

What happens to my subsidy if I am no longer a student at UC Berkeley?

Only UC Berkeley students and staff are eligible for subsidized care. If you are no longer a Berkeley student or staff, you will no longer be eligible for a subsidy. However, your child can continue with ECEP as a full-fee student.

Is there a wait list for ECEP?

Yes. If your child is not accepted into a full-fee placement, your application remains active until your child is age-eligible for Kindergarten — unless you withdraw from the list, or if you do not respond to three contact attempts.

If you are offered a space and decline, you may ask to remain on the list for a space that may become available at a later date. When a space becomes available, it will be for a child of a particular age, and the applications for that age range will be reviewed. The date an application is received is very important. Our admissions coordinator will usually be able to give you a general idea regarding your child’s status on the wait list.

If you applied for subsidized services, see the FAQ about the Eligibility List.

What is the difference between the Wait List and the Eligibility List?

Applicants for full-fee placement who are not accommodated will be placed on the Wait List.

If you are eligible for subsidized services, but are not accepted into the program due to space limitations, low priority number or late application, you will be placed on an Eligibility List. Status on the Eligibility List is based on income and, unlike a Wait List, status does not automatically improve over time. All applications are reviewed according to State Eligibility Guidelines as they are submitted and the Eligibility List is updated accordingly.

You will need to inform the Early Childhood Education Programs Office if there is a change in your income, family size, activity of either parent, or if you want your application withdrawn from the list.

Is there an application fee?

The application fee is currently $50 for non-students and waived for UC Berkeley students.

How can I obtain an application?

There are four ways to obtain an application.

  1. You may download a paper application from the website. Be sure to download the correct application – the Full-Fee Application or the Subsidized Application.
  2. You may obtain a paper application via email, by contacting ecep@berkeley.edu
  3. You may obtain a paper application by calling the main office at (510) 642-1827.
  4. If you are a faculty, staff, or community applicant, you may apply online through the online application. If you are a UC Berkeley student, please use a paper application.

Am I able to choose which center my child will attend?

You are able to request a preference for a specific center. However, your application is for the Early Childhood Education Program as a whole and there is no guarantee that there will be space at any one center. ECEP will offer you a space at a particular center based on a combination of your preference, your child’s age, and available spaces.

Will my child be required to participate in research?

No. You will be notified ahead of time when there will be a research study or survey in your child’s classroom, and you will have the opportunity to choose whether to participate. 

Read more about ECEP students and research.

What is the teacher-child ratio?

ECEP has an excellent adult-child ratio. We staff classrooms not just according to Title V licensing requirements, but to best-practice standards. Adult-child ratios at the centers range from 1:3 in infant rooms, to 1:4 in toddler rooms, and 1:8 in preschool rooms.

Read more about our teaching staff qualifications.

As a parent or family member, will I be able to participate in the classroom?

Yes. Parents are welcome to volunteer in the classroom. For parents who want to be involved but cannot volunteer during the workday, there are other opportunities. Contact your center director for specific information. 

Are there vaccine requirements?

According to a new California law, parents or guardians of students in any school or child-care facility, whether public or private, will no longer be allowed to submit a personal beliefs exemption to a currently-required vaccine. Read more about the new vaccine requirements.